Living creatively, love of photography, and passionate living.

Day 2

Okay, so I made it back.  That’s a good sign.  It means I’m going to stick with this thing until I get it all figured out–one way or another.  I’ve known for sometime that there was no escaping leaning all about blogging and the benefits it can bring to whatever it is you are trying to do here. And I’m quickly learning that you really need to have that figured out as much as possible ahead of time.  But, I’ve always been the type of person that likes to jump right in when wanting to learn how to do something.  It’s how I learn best.  I always get super excited and anxious for the outcome and just figure I will get the hang of it on the way. 

With this venture, I sort of feel like maybe this is going to grow to what it will be as it goes along.  I will guide it, of course, and shape it, but I’m excited to see what it will grow up to be with time.  My goal is to show my skill in photography and acquire some business for myself, locally.  But I also want to share a bit of myself and who I am and my creative side in whatever medium that might be.  And right now, it happens to be photography. 

So, I’m going through my images daily and doing any additional editing and cropping and such and will add them to my Photos page as I can.  That’s in between my gardening and my chauffeuring around my teenagers, of course! 

And I’ll be working on the site itself in order to provide the necessary contact information, samples, etc.  That’s going to take a little time because I’ve forgotten most of what little I learned about CSS in my meager,  little eight-Saturdays class several months back! 

Enjoy the day!

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