Living creatively, love of photography, and passionate living.

Still alive!

Wowwy!  This blog thing is not as easy as it looks!  …and I love writing!  I’ve been busy working on some paintings.  What can I say, the mood struck.  Gotta’ go with it when it happens.  I’m on my 5th painting in the last month-and-a-half and it feels great to be doing something that I love so much.  I can get so lost in doing it.  The process of watching it develop and trying to make happen what I want to happen is exhilirating for me.

Also, been making a new background for my twitter account.  That’s always fun for me because it’s like a little shot in the arm of creativity booster.  It doesn’t take long at all to make them, and it’s a good place for me to experiment with backgrounds and small images that must still be powerful. 

My sister came into town over the 4th of July holiday and I got some great pics of her and her family, along with some of my other sisters and their families.  I’ve been working on cleaning up those shots and doing all the color correcting, etc. so I can send her a CD of what I did for her to print off.  I should be done with those by this weekend.  

That’s it for now, folks.

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