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Other Entries

Here are a couple of other photos I entered in the contest.  They didn’t win, but I like them just the same.  The dog in the image with the Budweiser truck was so calm.  He looked like he was so proud to be riding in the parade with his partners–who, by the way, were quite handsome in their green suits!  Gotta’  love a man in uniform–even if it’s green and he drives a beer wagon! Or, especially if he drives a beer wagon!

And, the car image was great because it was just starting to get dark and the lights on it were so bright.  The owner had just shut the hood after displaying the lights a while for the spectators.  He was kind enough to reopen it and turn the car back on when I asked him for a picture.  He said, “Sure.”  Then he asked if I knew any older ladies that might be interested in him!  He winked and said he was “just joking.”  I laughed, and snapped the picture.

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