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Glass Bottles

We live within walking distance to a very unique donut shop that carries all sorts of sodas and drinks in glass bottles.  I prefer to drink soda out of a bottle rather than a can, most of the time.  I think because it’s just a bit nostalgic for me.  I remember when I was very young and my parents didn’t have a washer and dryer at the time, so we would go to the local laundry mat.

Many a summer night, my father would buy a couple of bottles of coke (one for him and one for my mom) and 2 bags of salty peanuts from the vending machine that sat against the wall.  He’d open the bags, one by one, while my mom held the open bottles of coke.  Then my dad would very carefully pour each bag of peanuts into the bottles of coke.  I loved the way they would slide down the neck of the bottle and plop into the cold coke, floating up into the neck as he continued to pour as many as he could get in there.  The coke would fizz up all around the peanuts and I knew it had to taste so delicious by the way it looked. 

My mom would toss her head back and tilt the bottle up to her mouth and drink down a gulp of coke and peanuts while I watched and wished I could have just one sweet drink.  Of course, she always offered us kids a drink, as did my dad.  It was the best thing I had ever tasted.  So cold and salty and sweet, all at the same time. 

We would stand outside in the dark against our car, the light from the laundry mat window glistening on the cold, icy bottles, sweating with drops of coolness that would land on our legs and feet as we drank from it.  My dad would refill his bottle with any remaining peanuts when the ones that were already in there would start to empty out with each drink he took.  We would stand out there drinking, until all the coke and peanuts were gone, waiting for the clothes to dry so we could fold them all up and load them into the car and head home.   Simple times, simple pleasures…

I love glass bottles.  I love the way they distort things when you look through them, bending and reshaping objects.  I like the way the light shines on them, through them, and reflects it.  The glass can be different colors, different shapes, and have varying heights.  It’s just a simple object, I know.  But I could spend a long time looking at them and the way the light plays through them and shines upon them.

3 responses

  1. i love bottles too
    include the caps too

    August 24, 2010 at 11:34 am

    • Yes, me too! I have saved all the caps and have a project in mind for those. I will get images of thoses as soon as I get a chance and show my project as well.

      August 24, 2010 at 11:40 am

      • my kiddos love the necklace caps and i am dreaming of making a cap mosaic one day

        August 24, 2010 at 11:44 am

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