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Little Pink (and blue, and yellow) Houses…

I love that song by John Mellencamp  (and many of his others).  But that one in particular reminds me of this row of houses–turned apartments–that were a couple of blocks away from where I grew up.  I would walk by there some days on my way home from school and look down the street and see all the different colors and think how wonderful they were, sitting there like giant frosted cookies. 

And what made those houses even more magical to me was the street they sat on with its curved road.  The block is really more of a half-block.  There are the five houses that sit on the one side–turquoise, yellow, cream, pink, and coral (not pictured, it’s empty and being worked on).  Other apartments sit across the street in varying buildings.   The street itself is quite narrow, and vehicles are only allowed to park on one side. 

I use to imagine myself living in one of those apartments on that block when I turned old enough.  I thought how fun it would be to get up every morning and go outside to go to work and see all those colors.  How could you possibly ever be in a bad mood if you lived in such

colorful surroundings?!  It certainly made me happy every time I walked by and saw them.

I still feel that way whenever I drive by that street on my way to my parents house to visit.   And, it’s funny how they sit on that one little, half-block, tucked in on a curved road that no one hardly ever drives down because it’s so narrow.  Because I think of it as our little neighborhood secret.  Like there’s this space where these houses sit and the people who live there must all be very artistic and poetic and musical.  I mean, they couldn’t possibly have boring office jobs and live in such colorful houses.  It just wouldn’t be right. 

I hope that whoever does live there enjoys being there as much as I imagine. 

2 responses

  1. This was a nice sweet little post.
    I have houses that I used to always imagine the people that lived inside back home too, but all of them turned out to be fairly boring haha I hope they’re as creative as you’d hoped

    – Calhoun

    August 16, 2010 at 9:28 am

  2. Wonderful memory. I love when songs and memories can be linked in such a concrete way.

    August 28, 2010 at 4:38 pm

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