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Chunky Crochet Hat

I am in the midst of an all out crochet-fest!  I just can’t stop crocheting things!

I have been out buying yarn like crazy for the past few months, as if the world’s supply of yarn will end in two days and I don’t want to be the   only one left with nothing to wrap and loop into something spectacular.  Thank God for printable coupons on the internet, is all I can say.

My hands haven’t cramped up quite yet while I’ve been fashioning more wraps and scarves and hats than we could ever wear in a season.  I love wearing the things I make.  I especially like the uniqueness of making something myself.  There’s nothing worse for a woman than going out and seeing someone else wearing the exact same thing you bought because you thought it looked great on you, only to discover the middle-schooler at the movies was thinking the exact same thing about herself in that blouse.

That actually happened to me once.  I was probably in my mid-twenties and I saw a 14 or 15-year-old wearing the same top as me at my husband’s nephew’s wrestling meet.  How embarrassing!   (Almost as embarrassing as the amount of times it took me to spell embarrassing correctly.  But, hey, now I should be able to spell it more easily next time!)  I vowed then to start sewing more often in an attempt to make sure that never happened again.

And that’s why I like making my own things.  My daughter wants to start an Etsy shop and says she will help make things.  Only, so far, she’s made two hats in comparison to my numerous accessories — one of which she is keeping for herself.  The other, well, let’s just say she needs some more practice.

I made this hat in a chunky yarn with a large hook.  I really didn’t have a pattern for this one.  I just started my little ring and kept going round and round till it was the size I wanted.  I’ve just been doing it for so long and so many times that I often don’t use a pattern.  I just start something and see how it comes out, having some sort of an idea what I’m going for.  I saw a couple of hats with the bigger yarn and I liked them, so I thought I would try one for myself.  The color was what attracted me to this particular yarn. It’s perfect for this time of year.  Take a look and try one yourself!

Not exactly Cinderella’s glass slipper, but…

No, there’s not a glass slipper in the bunch.  But these slippers will keep your tootsies nice and toasty warm on these cool fall nights and in the not-so-distant future winter months when it’s cold and snowy outside.  Mmmm…! I can smell the hot chocolate already! Marshmallows, please, and extra whip cream in mine.

I hate wearing shoes in the house, and so does everyone else under the roof we share.  But we don’t like cold feet.  And socks get worn out so fast when your walking back and forth from your bedroom to the kitchen to get a snack and then to the living room to watch that movie you’ve been waiting to see.   So I finally decided to make some crocheted slippers that will keep our feet warm and makes us happy at the same time when we wiggle our toes. 

These lovely slippers don’t take long at all to do.  And you can use leftover yarn from other projects.  You just adjust the stitch you are using and the hook size to get different looks.  I also varied the strap.  I love using contrasting colors for the edging.   Since I never throw anything away because I always think I’ll come up with a use for it somewhere down the line, I have all kinds of small amounts of yarn in tiny little balls that I can use for the edging.            

These slippers are crocheted in the round.  Make a ring first with chain stitches that you join with a slip stitch.  Then start crocheting your stitch of choice, increasing as needed till the top piece fits over your toes.  Then simply start making rows back and forth down the length of your foot.  Decrease in the middle of the last row, sew a seam with slip stitches, and then edge in contrasting color and make your strap.  That’s it!  Simple and easy.  


I made the little crocheted flower for embellishment. 

Black can be edged with nearly any color.  I love these because there so soft and lightweight.  It’s more like wearing socks rather than slippers. 

I think I ‘m going to put a pair of these in a baggie in my purse so when I go to someone else’s house that doesn’t like shoes worn inside, I don’t have to be barefoot or walk around in my socks at their house.  I can just slip these on.

I love these purple ones.  I used a chunky yarn and a larger hook.  I am going to sew down the straps and put a cute little button on top once I find the ones I like.

There just so adorable and comfy!

These will make great stocking-stuffers and gifts for the girls where I work.  Good thing I got started early.  Just don’t know if I can part with any of them!

If you don’t crochet, and would like a pair of these warm and sweet slippers, just contact me (go to “About Me” page) and I’d be happy to whip you up a pair for a fair price.  You can pick the colors you would like, too.  Happy crocheting!