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My Blue World

(I knew that image of that disco ball I shot would come in handy one day!)

Picking this weeks post was really hard for me.  I thought about it being the first post of the new year and all that and wanted it to be something special.  I tossed a few ideas around in my head and couldn’t quite settle on anything.  I tried a few things out, and became frustrated.  Nothing seemed good enough or significant enough. 

I read some other blogs and still couldn’t come up with anything special.  I have some changes I want to make and some new things I want to add, but they’re not quite ready. 

Then, early Sunday afternoon, my daughter and I went to see Cirque Du Soleil.  The show was called Alegria.  We were both excited and eager to see this show.  We’ve been counting down the days for a couple of weeks now.  I was so hoping I could sneak my camera in and get some pics, but I knew that was going to be out of the question.  The tickets clearly stated “No Cameras/Recorders.”  And then I thought that it was probably for the best.  Not just for the performers (although I’m smart enough to know to turn off the flash), but for me as well.  Without having to focus on getting good shots, I could just sit back and fully enjoy the show.  And did we ever!

It was stunning!  The music is still playing in my head, several hours later.  Of course, the acrobatics are the thing that is the main focus.  But the overall effect of the music, the colors, the costumes, and the mood produced along with the acrobatics, made for the best experience and fantasy I have seen in a while.  It was perfect for getting me out of my world and into a world of over-stimulated senses that left me feeling inspired and refreshed! 

I came home  to put that new post together and all I could think of was the color blue. 

I love the color blue.  It always calms me and makes me feel relaxed and happy.  I like wearing blue and think it’s a color that flatters everyone.  I want to share with you some of the different shades of blue I have found in some photos I have taken.  I hope they make you feel soothed and calm like they do me.  And I hope you will feel inspired at the start of this new year —  like I do now after seeing Alegria!