Living creatively, love of photography, and passionate living.


Chunky Crochet Hat.

Prayer Shawl and Hat for Cancer Patient.

My new crochet shawl.

How to use old frames.

Amazing colors of a Native American Pow Wow.

Bugs!  Eww!…and I don’t mean the funny, carrot-eating kind!

I can’t keep up!

Why do we eat!…and eat…and eat!

More Night Images

Water Fountains at Night

Changing a Photo

Getting Through It All

Busy, Busy, Busy!

Unknown Roads

America’s Big News

The Boy is Growing Up

Good Memories, Bad Pictures

Sisters and Quilt Shows

And the Winner is … Me!

What a Wonderful Night for a Moondance!

Do You Like It or Do You Love It?

The Magic of Photoshop

The Oscars, The Superbowl of Movies

Choices and No Regrets

Grammy Fashion

Valentine’s Day for One

Lion Dance, Celebrating the Asian New Year

Can You Eat Out Alone?

Why I Am Blessed

Guard This Caldo Recipe With Your Life

My Blue World

Long Quiet Days

Free Christmas Cards

When You Need a Little Christmas

A Two-Day Bus Trip to Pueblo, Co.

Tis the Gift to Be Simple

Not exactly Cinderellas glass slipper, but…

Looking In From the Outside

Quick and Easy Apple-Cinnamon Crumb Muffins

Things that go bump in the cemetary… I do believe in spooks…

It’s almost time…!

Moving Through Life

Look Up In The Sky

A Walk In Summer

Sentimental School Years

Broccoli, Bacon and Cheddar Quiche with Cheesy Tomato Bread

My Train Obsession

Oh, How I Love My Beads

Solitude Once Again

Little Pink and Blue and Yellow Houses

Glass Bottles

Sleeping Babies

Other Entries

Won Local Photo Contest

Still Alive

Colorful Fruit

Spring Flowers

Day 2

Starting Out


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